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The Pioneers are heading to India! After inspiring tours to Shanghai and Peking, the Silicon Valley, Boston and New York, London, Tel Aviv, Berlin and Munich the PionierGarage is visiting different cities in India. We are full of energy to find out more about the entrepreneurial scene in Bangalore and Pune and to get in touch with a variety of interesting and inspiring people. During the 10-day tour, we are visiting a number of startups, venture capitalists, entrepreneurial organizations and educational institutions.


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15 students from the PionierGarage, the university group for entrepreneurship at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany, are going to visit one of the world's most significant tech and startup regions: India. To find out more about our entrepreneurship club at Germany's leading technical university, head over to our homepage or contact us on info @ to become part of the tour as a supporter, partner, sponsor or Startup/VC to be visited. We're looking forward to meeting inspiring people!.