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13 students from the PionierGarage, the university group for entrepreneurship at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany, are going visit one of the world's most significant tech and startup regions: Boston and New York. To find out more about our entrepreneurship club at Germany's leading technical university, head over to our homepage or contact us on to become part of the tour as a supporter, partner, sponsor or Startup/VC to be visited. We're looking forward to meeting inspiring people!


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The Pioneers are heading to the US again! After three inspiring tours to the Sillicon Valley, the PionierGarage is visiting Boston and New York from December 3rd - December 13th. In 2014 again, we are full of energy to come back with a new group of young (aspiring) entrepreneurs. During the 10-day tour, we are visiting a number of startups, venture capitalists, entrepreneurial organisations and educational institutions.

Andreas Foitzik

Business Informatics

I am really glad to be part of this promising journey. I´m definitly looking forward to meet a huge range of new people in different roles with different prospects. Futhermore I want to get inspired by their stories and their attitudes. All in all, this experience should help me to develop my personality and my creativity.

Frederic v. Scheidt

Industrial Engineering

Having seen the impact that last years’ Silicon Valley Trip had on the students, I expect the trip to be an eye-opening experience that will motivate me to focus on building my own start-up. I hope to hear inspiring stories, get interesting insights in young start-ups, as well as established companies and experience the unique spirit of the Eastcoast.

Philip Kessler


I am really excited to see the startup scene outside europe to learn from them. I am also interested in seeing the mistakes they made and how the startup culture differs in general between europe and the USA. I am currently working on a fashion app which helps you to decide what to wear. You can check it out at

David Schmidt

Industrial Egnineering

In summer 2014 I started to attend the Pioniergarage meetings and that´s when I first got in touch with entrepreneurship. Today I love it - to me it´s not only a term, but a lifestyle I live after. And that´s why I´m really excited and curious about the trip to Boston and New York! I want to see and learn as much as I can and experience what entrepreneurship means in different locations. Currently i´m running a twitter account called 'iwanttoSTARTUP' documenting my journey, thoughts, problems etc. with building a startup. I guess the trip to New York and Boston will give me tons of inspiration - I am excited!

Wilken Wößner

Mechanical Engineering

After our Silicon Valley Tour in 2012, I've always wanted to experience the startup scene of the East Coast as well. As a student of mechanical engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), I'm really looking forward to visiting especially hardware based startups, meeting founders, and experiencing the entrepreneurial spirit of New York and Boston! I'm currently co-organizing STARTcamp 2014 in Karlsruhe, which is an event similar to Startup Live and will give students and young entrepreneurs the chance of working on ideas and networking within the startup scene in our city.

Matthäus Kostka


I am an enthusiastic student of computer science with certain ideas and plans. However, ideas are not everything. To be a successful founder, you also need specific start-up know-how. To get this know-how, I want to hear the stories of successful entrepreneurs. Stories that show their rise to success.

Jan König

Industrial Engineering

Since my internship at NYC based startup studio Betaworks and a previous exchange year at the University of Massachusetts, I'm super excited about the East Coast. I'm looking forward to spending one more week here!

Carl-Philipp Anke

Industrial Engineering

Creating the own future is a challange, why not learn from the best!

Benedikt Stolz


It is well known that the ameican spirit to build you own business is unique. I am gald to get an insight of this wonderful life-style. Hear stories from different personalities and how they made their way to succeed, will definitely influence my point of view.

Tobias Kleiner


I am curious about getting an insight into many start ups, meeting interesting people and profiting from their experiences. As I have a high affinity to entrepreneurship, I am hoping this tour creates new impulses and opportunities.

Ralph Henn


The United States of America are the 'land of endless opportunities'. On our trip to New York and Boston i would like to experience how especially startups can benefit from this fact.

Alexander Kaiser

Industrial Engineering

Alexander Swetlow


As a computer scientist, I'm especially excited about tech startups but also the general spirit of creating a business. I am glad to have the chance to learn from successful entrepreneurs.

Ralph Gilde

Industrial Engineering