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China. As the country with the biggest population on earth, it has to tackle a lot of social, economic and ecological issues. Nevertheless, as one of the most thriving economies in the world, China is growing fast and innovative. Very competitive as they are, there is a lot of space for young startups, to start their business and develop their ideas. The growth, of the economy of China for the past years is stunning! If you‘re in contact with any Startups, you may think are essential for our Startup tour, feel free to get in touch with us!


  • Shanghai

    11 September 2019 – 18 September 2019

  • Hangzhou

    18 September 2019 – 22 September 2019

  • Beijing

    22 September 2019 – 29 September 2019


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the PionierGarage

10 members of PionierGarage, Germany‘s largest university club focused on entrepreneurship, located at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), are going to visit three of the world‘s biggest and innovative cities: Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing. To find out more about our entrepreneurship club at Germany‘s leading technical university, head over to our homepage or contact us on to become part of the tour as a supporter, partner, sponsor or Startup/VC to be visited. We‘re looking forward to meeting inspiring people!


Elisabeth Goebel

Member of Human Ressources and Industrial Engineering student at KIT

„It‘s not about ideas. It‘s about making ideas happen.“ Europe often tends to doubt, while China is already acting. I hope to be able to take a leaf out of this mindset back to Germany.

Marvin Wach

Head of External Relations, studying Civil Engineering in the fifth Bachelor Semester

The fascinating entrepreneure ecosystem in China will be our next startup-tour. It is known for its dynamic and speed worldwide. Therefore it is a great chance to learn more about the advantages to start a buisness in China.

Tobias Budig

Head of Finances, Industrial Engineering student at KIT

Why is the chinese startup ecosystem so dynamic? What is unique about founding in China? This and even more I'd like to answer on our tour!

Jannik Nefferdorf

Former board member of PionierGarage and Industrial Engineering student at KIT Karlsruhe

As an entrepreneurship enthusiast, I love talking to founders. I'm really looking forward to our China startup tour to learn about the challenges and opportunities of developing new business ideas in China.

Kevin Kraus

Head of Marketing, Industrial Engineering student at KIT Karlsruhe

China, as a thriving culture and economy, is a very fascinating country. I'm very excited to learn more about the old culture and the entrepreneurial spirit of China!

Jörg Remer

External Relations Member, Industrial Engineering student at KIT

I am excited to explore the entrepreneurial spirit on the other side of the globe and learn more about the Chinese Startup-scene and connect to new people who share the same mindset. #PG_China2019

Jasmin Riedel

Head of Human Ressources, studying Electornical Engineering

I’m totally curious about the startup environment, the Chinese culture and the country. Exploring this fast growing country will be a great experience. I’m looking forward to China!

Jan Bode

External Relations, Industrial Engineering student at KIT

China! Huge, dynamic, fascinating, different! Who wouldn’t want to go?

Han Völker

External Relations, Industrial Engineering student at KIT

I'm very much looking forward to learn more about the Chinese business mentality, their rich culture and everyday lifes. I am glad that I could join our group from University for this unique opportunity.

Jan Effenberger

External Relations, Industrial Engineering student at KIT

Beeing one of the biggest and fastest growing economies worldwide, I am really excited to see how young chinese entrepeneurs take advantage of this huge market. With more than 7.500 govermental funded startup incubators I hope to see many interesting young companies.

Marcus Maddock

Marketing Member, Industrial Engineering student at KIT

Excited to learn from this entirely different ecosystem and eager to capture some of the chinese spirit, not only with my camera.